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Custom Options



Option #1:   Rectangle Pocket Risers

Got rectangle legs?  If desired, go from square pocket risers to better fitting rectangle pockets.  HOW TO ORDER: Just load the Cart with the regular square pocket risers matching the longest rectangle side and add a note during checkout. For example, if you want 6×3 rectangle pocket risers, load the 6×6 square pocket risers to the cart and include your rectangle request in the ‘Note’ section on the Checkout page that reads ” Please make the pockets size 6 x 3 ” or call (415) 370-1821 to order.  Rectangle pocket risers are not returnable and have a 25% up-charge.


Option #2:   Flat-Sided Risers

Some of our taller risers have a wider base for stability – like the 4×4 with 6″ lift height shown below.  Some situations may require a flat side on the risers because the furniture legs are very near each other or against a wall.  In the image below you’ll see the left riser is a Regular and the right one is a Flat-Side.  We make flat-sided risers upon request at no extra cost. HOW TO ORDER: To order, type the request in the ‘Note’ section on the Checkout page that reads “Make One Flat Side Please.” or call (415) 370-1821 to order.  Flat-sided risers are not refundable.

4" x 4" Pockets x 6" Lift Heights - Regular and Flat-Sided

4″ x 4″ Pockets x 6″ Lift Heights – Regular and Flat-Sided


Option #3:   1.5″ Deep Pocket Walls

Most situations do not require this option, but there are many exceptions.  Our standard pocket walls are about .75″ deep, but we can make the walls about 1.5″ deep upon request.  The two risers below are both 7×7 pocket risers with 4″ lift heights, but the one on the right has the 1.5″ Deep Pocket Wall option.  HOW TO ORDER: Call us at (415) 370-1821 to order this option.  There’s a 25% fee over the regular item price.  Deep pocket wall risers are not refundable.

7" x 7" Pockets x 4" Lift Heights - Standard and Deep Pocket

7″ x 7″ Pockets x 4″ Lift Heights – Standard and Deep Pocket

Note, if your furniture leg tapers wider as it goes up, then measure 1.5″ from the ground to determine the best pocket size when choosing this option.


QUESTION: How do I order custom options?

ANSWER:  Call to order: tel 415-370-1821


Still got questions?  Call, text or email for fast and friendly support at (415) 370-1821 and Guy@FurnitureRisers.com  We answer ASAP.


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Weight2.8 lbs
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1" Lift Height, 2" Lift Height, 3" Lift Height, 4" Lift Height, 5" Lift Height, 6" Lift Height, 7" Lift Height, 8" Lift Height, 9" Lift Height


Brown Espresso, Black Magic, Honey Oak, White Antique, Cherry Mahogany, Grey Metal, Unfinished

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