September 1, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions


Why are these risers better?
Thanks for asking. First, they are heavy-duty and 4 risers hold 2,400 lbs of compression weight. Secondly, they come in 1,000+ size, color and pocket type variations. Finally, they are all hand crafted and handsome.  We could brag more, but you get the idea.

What is your return and refund policy?
Return within 30 days of delivery for an 80% refund.  Include the Packing Slip if possible. Shipping fees are not refunded.   Click the Policies tab above for details.

What is your cancelation policy?
Any order may be cancelled within 48 hours of ordering.  To cancel, call, text or email with the order number requesting a cancellation.  If it has already shipped, then a cancellation is not possible, but a return is possible.

How can I make an exchange?
Simply return the unwanted items within 30 days of delivery for an 80% refund. (See Policy tab.) Then order the new ones at any time. Note, there’s no need to wait for the returns to be sent before ordering the new ones.  

Who is that block man?

Rex Riser is the company mascot. He is made of risers and wears a paper hat. Rex enjoys just hanging out in the shop. Thanks for noticing.

What is the company mission?
Raise Furniture to Fit.


Do you make custom sizes?  …rectangle pockets?
We only make square pocket risers with 1″ incremental pockets and 1″ incremental lift heights.  No rectangle or round risers, but many customers put their rectangle and round furniture legs into our square risers. 

Do you make three-sided “U” pockets or a two-sided or “L” pockets?
Yes.  Square is the most common and default Pocket Type, but “U”, “L”, “Parallel” or “Single” pocket types are also available at no extra charge.  See the Pocket Type image in the Buying Guide.  Consider the “L” or “U” pockets for sectionals with legs very near each other.  Consider the “Single” pockets for flat-bottom furniture with no legs.

How many risers does my bed, chair or sofa need?
Count the legs. Many sofas, king and queen sized beds have five, six or seven legs, so be sure to check before ordering. Be sure to look for center legs under the bed, sofa or dresser. This is important.

What riser lift height do I need for my chair or sofa?
See the  How to Select Risers Video  and see the ‘Correct!’ image below, then follow these 3 steps:

Step 1. Stand in front of your chair or sofa.

Step 2. Measure the distance from the top of the cushion to your kneecap – that distance is the Lift Height you need.

Step 3. Order risers to lift that distance.

To read Mayo Clinic’s helpful guideline: click here



Correct Height



Do you sell sets of two? or four?
No. All risers are priced individually, not in sets. To order four risers, enter Quantity = 4.

Which risers should I buy?
Please see the Buying Guide and watch the How to Select Risers Video.

Will these risers scratch a hard floor?
Maybe, but probably not. Wood risers can scratch wood and other hard floors. Consider buying the self-adhesive Felt Buttons (or use your own) and attach to the bottom of your risers to prevent scratching. Carpeted floors do not need protection from risers.

What if the furniture legs have rollers?
Do not use any risers if your furniture can roll off (or tip off) of the risers. Please be safe and use good judgement.

What type of wood is used?
The risers are made from New Zealand Radiata Pine (Monterey Pine) MDF (an engineered wood product). 

Can I use these outdoors?
No. These risers are for indoor use only.

Can I use risers on a child’s bed or crib?
Not recommended.  Do not use risers on furniture that will move or hold an infant, such as a crib or high chair. Not for youth. 

Can I paint my risers?
Yes. Order the unfinished or simply paint over our painted finish.  A sample (test color) jar of paint from Home Depot is about $3 and usually enough to cover them all.  Our risers do not take stain well, so use paint.

Can I use risers on dining room chairs or bar stools?
Not practical because dining chairs and bar stools must slide in and out.

What if my child sometimes jumps on the bed?
Never use risers if there’s any jumping on beds or playing under any furniture on risers. Sorry kids.

Are these stable and strong enough to raise or tilt the head of a bed for acid reflux or GERD?
Yes.  These risers are heavy duty and many customers use these risers to raise the head of a bed.



How much does shipping cost?
The shipping fee is automatically calculated by the website. The larger risers are heavy, but we usually keep your shipping fee below our actual postage cost. To see the shipping fee before any payment, load the Cart, then proceed to Checkout to see the shipping fee.

Why no “Free” shipping?  
We do not inflate the riser prices to pay for “Free” postage. 

What if I have special instructions about my order?
Enter any special instructions in ‘Order Notes’ in the Checkout section (before submitting payment). We always look for any notes.

What if the tracking number shows that my order was delivered by the carrier, but I never got it?
Buyer is responsible for lost, stolen or missing items. Buyer must only use a safe and secure shipping location.  Seller does not use ‘Signature Required’ shipping.

How will I know if my order went through?
After you complete your checkout, you then automatically see a page reading “Order Received.  Thank you.” or a confirmation email. That indicates your order is complete and no further action is required.  If you’re not sure, feel free to ask via email at or text/call to 415-370-1821.

How long does it take for me to get my risers?
Please allow 1-6 business days for manufacturing and painting.  Then, you’ll get a tracking number via email and your risers will ship to you. 

May I pick my risers at your shop or buy them at a store?
Sorry, but no.  Local pick-ups are not allowed because our woodshop is not in a public retail location.  

Do you ship to International destinations?
Sorry, but no. Only US destinations at this time.  Some Canadian customers use a US shipping address. Hope that helps.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
Yes. Note, if the order won’t fit into a USPS Flat Rate box, then you will receive a separate invoice for the additional postage.  Feel free to ask in advance about any additional postage.

What carrier delivers the risers?
Either the United States Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx Ground (for larger orders).  We usually use the USPS Priority Mail service which is 1-3 days.  Buyers always gets a tracking number via email when the label gets printed.

What is your DUNS number? 117660079. and our NAICS number is 337211.

Do you accept non-credit card payment?  Yes. Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin and Zelle are accepted.  Just call to order and be invoiced separately