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September 1, 2015

Buying Guide

furniture-risersRiser Details

– Top Pocket sizes and Lift Heights all available in 1″ increments. Pocket lips (about 3/4″ deep and 1/2″ wide) are in addition to your selected actual Lift Height.  (Rectangle pocket sizes available upon special request.)
– Heavy Duty ===> Solid wood, not hollow. Four risers accept 2,000 lbs of compression load.
– Hand Painted and Handsome ===> Seven quality colors available.  See Color Chart image below.
– Hand Crafted from pine wood and MDF with slightly rugged finish.
– Priced Individually ===> Need 4?  Select “Quantity = 4”.

Select Your Risers

Step 1.

Watch our ‘How to’ video and then continue the steps below. (about 2 minutes.)

Step 2.

Determine your best riser TOP POCKET SIZE: Measure your furniture legs at 3/4″ from the BOTTOM where the legs touch the floor.  (Note, the riser top pocket depth is 3/4″ deep and some legs taper wider as they go up.) This is the best riser TOP POCKET SIZE.Terminology

For example, if your furniture leg bottom is 3.0″ x 2.5″, then our 3″ x 3″ pocket is the best fit.  Note, many legs are round or triangular and it is not a problem to use a square pocket riser.

Step 3.

DETERMINE BEST LIFT HEIGHT: Face your furniture (sofa or chair) and measure the distance from your knee to the top of cushion. This is the recommended LIFT HEIGHT for a chair or sofa.  See image.

Correct Height

Note, the cushion top can be slightly depressed, like you are sitting in it.  

For beds, measure the distance from the mattress up to about two inches below the buttocks. This is the recommended LIFT HEIGHT for a bed. 

Step 4. 

SELECT THE COLOR.  Select our color closest to the furniture leg.

Color Chart

Step 5.

SELECT YOUR TOP POCKET TYPE.  For a sectional sofas with legs that are touching each other, select the “U” pockets. Got a flat bottom dresser? Try our  “L” top pockets.  Square pocket types are the most popular and here is a picture of the choices.  

Step 6.

Click on ‘Shop Risers’ then add risers to your shopping Cart. Proceed to Checkout.  Be sure to order one riser for each leg with the “Quantity” selector.  

For customer service, email, call or text us at (415) 370-1821.  Serving customers is our pleasure!