Q: If the riser top pocket is too big, will my sofa slide around inside the pocket?

A:  Probably not.  If the sofa doesn’t slide around on a wood floor, it probably won’t slide around in a riser pocket.

The image below shows a bed leg the is inside a riser pocket.  This riser pocket is larger than the shown bed leg, but the bed does not slide.  At Furniture Risers, we sell Non-Skid Strips (see attached image).  The strips are not usually needed, but are helpful in some slippery situations and can be applied inside the pocket and/or to the bottom of the risers on the hard floor.


3x3 Pocket, 6 inch Lift Height, Honey Oak

3×3 Pocket, 6 inch Lift Height, Honey Oak

Non-Skid Strips (set of 4)

Non-Skid Strips (set of 4)