Q: What is the best way to vacuum under a sofa?

Vacuuming under a sofa can be a challenging task, especially if the sofa is heavy or has a low clearance. However, it is important to keep this area clean, as it can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that can affect indoor air quality and trigger allergies or respiratory problems. Here are some tips to help you vacuum under a sofa effectively:

  1. Move the sofa if possible: The easiest way to clean under a sofa is to move it out of the way. Ask for assistance to install furniture or bed risers, and take care not to scratch the floor or damage the sofa. Once you have access to the underside, vacuum the area thoroughly using a handheld or a stick vacuum with an extension hose.  Custom wood furniture risers are the best. option here.
  2. Use a crevice tool: If you cannot move the sofa, you can still clean under it by using a crevice tool. This is a narrow attachment that comes with most vacuum cleaners and is designed to fit into tight spaces. Insert the crevice tool between the sofa and the floor and move it back and forth to collect the debris. Work your way from one end to the other, and repeat the process on the other side.
  3. Use a flat attachment: Another option is to use a flat attachment, such as a floor brush or a hard floor tool, that can slide under the sofa. This may require you to lift the sofa slightly, but it can be easier than moving it entirely. Once you have positioned the attachment, turn on the vacuum and move it in a side-to-side motion, covering as much area as possible.
  4. Use a robot vacuum: If you have a robotic vacuum cleaner, you can let it do the job for you. Most robot vacuums are designed to navigate under furniture and can detect obstacles and adjust their path accordingly. Set the vacuum to clean the area under the sofa and let it run for the desired amount of time. Check the dustbin afterward and empty it if necessary.
  5. Clean regularly: To avoid a buildup of dust and debris under the sofa, make it a habit to clean this area regularly. You can do this as part of your weekly or monthly cleaning routine, depending on your preferences. The more frequently you clean, the less time and effort it will take each time.

In summary, vacuuming under a sofa requires a bit of effort, but it is worth it for the sake of cleanliness and indoor air quality. Depending on your situation, you can use a combination of the tips above or choose the one that works best for you. Happy cleaning!