Q: The 5 best things to know before buying furniture risers.

A: Here are five things to consider before purchasing furniture risers at Furniture Risers:

  1. Weight capacity: Ensure that the furniture risers you choose can support the weight of the furniture you want to raise. Check the product specifications to make sure the weight capacity is appropriate for your needs.
  2. Size: Measure the dimensions of the legs of your furniture to ensure that the risers you purchase will fit securely. Look for risers that have adjustable sizing options if you’re unsure of the exact size you need.
  3. Material: Furniture risers can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. Consider which material will best suit your needs in terms of durability, appearance, and weight.
  4. Height: An important thing to know is to determine how much height you need to add to your furniture, and choose risers that will provide the necessary amount. Keep in mind that some risers are adjustable and can be stacked to achieve the desired height.
  5. Stability: Look for furniture risers that have a stable base and are designed to prevent wobbling or slipping. This will help to ensure the safety of your furniture and prevent any accidents.
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